Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Shelves . . . The Shelves

As Christmas Break home improvement projects go, this one isn't all that bad. Of course, it's not Christmas Break yet. And I'm not done with the project.

I have to offer a little background first. A few months ago, we were gifted with a rather large sectional sofa from Michelle's folks, because they bought new furniture. We decided to take the sofa because we've always said we wanted more places to sit in the living room. But this is a rather large sectional sofa, so to get it in we had to get rid of the love seat from downstairs and a chair from upstairs to make room for the recliner from downstairs to go up so the couch would fit downstairs. We also had to move the TV and such to fit everything in. We basically have a wood stove, the couch, and the TV in the basement now. That meant, of course, that I had to move the shelves we had the DVDs and CDs on, otherwise we couldn't reach it because it was hung on a wall now buried behind the couch.

I moved the shelf and modified it, so we'd have more room for the DVDs. That left the CDs without a home. So today I began building shelves for the CDs. Got a good head of steam up until I ran out of wood, which was unfortunate. So the project is on hiatus until we get more wood, a bit later this week. Isn't that exciting?

As a bonus, I also put up another shelf for some of Michelle's knickknacks. It looks loverly.

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