Monday, July 19, 2010

No Fair Dozing Before Dinner . . .

Here I sit, one generation of Simpson, wondering what to do next.

I have finished my first novel. I have made much noise on this blog about that fact. And I find myself asking: So what? Here, the road divides: Both routes include finding someone to publish said novel, but both routes include different ancillary activities.

My impulse is to continue on, start writing the next installment of this story of Seth and Altus learning to become messiahs. I have started formulating a few ideas. But then part of me wonders: Am I better off going back and revising the first installment so I know that it works, before moving on? Because I know there are flaws. Many flaws. But am I too close to it to see them all? Probably. The best thing for a writer to do is to put his or her writing aside for a while, then look at it again with fresh eyes. It’s even better, however, to have someone else entirely look it over, because they will approach it with that cold eye. Michelle is perfect for this. But she’s incredibly busy with life and her masters classes and whatnot.

So I dither. And continue to gather ideas for the next installment. That’s probably the direction I’ll head: forging on.

Otherwise, I’ll feel empty. These past few months, working on that novel almost daily, really helped me find a sense of fulfillment. Not that I don’t have other things that are fulfilling – wife, children, career, great suit, terrific henchmen – but writing that novel really helped me find a project. Kinda like Lord Morley:

(Go to 3:03 for the appropriate moment.)

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