Thursday, July 8, 2010


There’s a common theme in those old Hollywood B movies – and even some of the A movies, you know – that we just don’t see today. I’m not talking about stupid plots or bad acting or stock footage or “special” effects done by spooling the film backwards so the rocket, instead of taking off in a puff of flame, lands in a puff of flame.

I’m talking about schlubs. Like these guys:

And these guys:

And these guys:

Not the youngest, not the most handsome hunks o’ manhood – or womanhood – on the block, frankly. Which is what we’d get today. Which is what we do get today. Pixar was daring to case an old guy – Ed Asner as Carl Fredericksen – in “Up.” But look at the majority of movies made today and you don’t see old guys much. And you certainly don’t see schlubs. No puffy faces or bloated noses or anyone having that “Hey, wanna be in a movie” look about them. Only Beautiful People now. Even the sidekicks, the laser- or monster-fodder, they’re all beautiful now.

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