Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So it's Not Really Official After All

So the waiting game goes on.

From what I understand, if I had a class at BYU-Idaho to teach, I’d know it by now. Since I don’t know it, then I have to assume that the section they set aside for me did not fill up.

I’m kind of bummed out. I was actually looking forward to teaching. Now, there’s the possibility that I’ll be asked later, but it does seem a shame to go through a month of training only to end up not doing what I was trained to do. This is part of my drive to always be learning something, and now I just get to sit around and wait.

No matter. I’ll continue reading the text for the class and see what I can learn about my own learning and writing styles and methods in order to improve. And if, in the future, I am invited to teach and actually have students, I’ll be better prepared. I just don’t want to become what Peter Drucker describes as a person “well-rounded in mediocrity.” I want to excel at something. I’m trying to do that with my writing, and I see teaching as a way to help me do that – as well as paving the way for possible future educational pursuits, including a doctorate in technical communication, which would require a move to Logan and a commitment to teaching.

But I can still do things here. I can be a better father, especially while Michelle is on her continuing education path as she works toward her own masters degree. I will remain patient and try not to get frustrated. Too much.

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