Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who Knew? Mama Was A Mason.

Mama was . . . a Mason?

Categorically, no, as women aren't allowed to become a Mason. But as I was reading William Poundstone's "Big Secrets" today and came across this drawing in a chapter on Masonry, I had to do a double take:

I now know how Elroy felt when Jet Screamer knew the code.

I remember, long ago as a wee lad, learning the substitution code shown here. Mom showed us how, probably digging out some paperwork she'd kept from one of her many stints as Primary president. My brother, sister and I wrote messages to each other. I clearly remember writing a rather longish scroll that I purported to be part of our teddy bears' mythology, and burying the scroll with a bag of marbles -- their treasure -- somewhere in the back yard. Never did find it again. It's probably still there, getting soggy and moldy in that sock we used as a treasure bag.

All written in the Masons code. Of course, if Poundstone knows it, and if my mother knew it way back in the 1970s, it can't possibly be in use by the Masons today. Still, makes me want to go to a Masons hall to see if I can decode the encryptions on the wall, or at least in the bathrooms.

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