Monday, August 22, 2011

Google Nonplussed, or, I'm Feeling Like A French Fry

So I'm on Google+.

And I'm thinking: Do I really have to be? Do I really have to start the whole Facebook thing over again? Because that's exactly what it is. Facebook, but from Google!

But I'm there. It's hip. It's groovy. I expect I'll be wasting enough time there soon enough. But I have to wonder: Is this going to be the battle of the Titans, because do I really need to go to three places now (Facbeook, Google+ and Twitter) to hang out with friends whom mostly I don't have? Need to, well, maybe. I kinda feel like this:

Funny thing is, I did join MySpace back in the day. Well, at least I signed up for it, in the context of a book I was writing. Neither MySpace nor the book have ever come to fruition for me. Not that I or the world am missing anything.

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