Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Daddy's Duties, Christmas Eve Day

'Tis the day before Christmas. I'm home from work and, as are most Dads, engaged in fatherly duties on this most auspicious day. My day, thusfar, has included:
  • Clear the back porch, deck, and sidewalk to the shed of snow.
  • Shovel snow off the woodpile.
  • Stock the wood barrel on the back porch.
  • Cajole kids into cleaning up their toy messes and to make their beds.
  • Upload a bunch of photos to Uncharted. Hey. I'm a guy. Puttering will happen.
  • Wash a lot of dishes. From breakfast, two rounds of pie making, and the construction of a cornbread salad.
  • Thaw a turkey. This year I eschewed the under the armpit method for a thaw in the sink.
  • Bathe the youngest child.
  • Briefly consider combining the last two chores, reasoning that the extra hot water will be cooled by the turkey, so there's no fears that the youngest would be burned. But then reconsider because considering how filthy the kid is, we'd have to toss the turkey out afterward.
  • Shave.
  • Fetch sundry items from the outdoor freezer, including whipped topping, raspberries and a turkey torpedo (unrelated to the 19-lb turkey thawing in the sink).
And it's only 2:14. Who knows what else will be required of me today?

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