Friday, December 19, 2008

Pardon Our Dust

We definitely need one of these signs up at Uncharted. The site is live, most things are working, but yet there are still some embarrassments as far as copy editing and functionality. Take, for example, the e-mail message that's sent out when you invite someone to look at a set of photos you've just published at Uncharted. Two words, and two typos: (Photo's invitaion). It's SO embarrassing. So we realize that as we go into the first week of the launch, there are some things like this -- a lot of things like this -- that we need to fix. Please bear with us. Pardon our dust, as the old saying goes.

Other problems -- like the inability to geotag at the moment -- are being worked on, and should be functioning properly again by this evening. At least that's the hope.

All of this reminds me of one of my favorite films, Apollo 13 -- particularly the spart just after liftoff when one of the engines shuts down and Tom Hanks' character Jim Lovell says "Well, I think we just had our glitch for this mission." Now, I hope Uncharted doesn't leave anybody stranded in space for three days with little water, electricity, oxygen or other basic necessities of life, but at the same time please understand that we feel your pain. Really. Because what's blocking you from making the site work is also blocking us. So we are working on things. Pardon our dust.

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