Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Don't Know What This Is

Colors fading black and white
snow and rock and sky
merge together, fading grey
love and warmth denied

Valley bowels, firn and ice
melt and drip and crack
cedar saplings stiff with rain
wait and watch the black

Black sky growing, Master Bleak
flows down gullies dim
wrapping flowers, cup and leaf
life cowr's deep within

Within an instant, mountaintop
spark and glow and live
veil lies parted, dark beast chas'd
eyes afire alive

Fire in dimness, coal white-hot
Golden Field alight
promised life everlasting
glows to spite the night

Oak, Pinon, long roots thrusting
ice if not in soil
streams flow clear red wine, bub'ling
ease us from our toils

Leafy trees bear golden fruit
no toil nor labor done
rest and peace, all shades of bears
life's great battle won

Life, no longer fears darkness
love no longer wanes
Dwell in Golden Field, release
relief from life's pains

Toil on earth, meet thy color
fight, or farm, or lead
earn reward, here life after
of love, take ye heed

Dwell alive amid plenty
cave and mate and cub
work no longer Brave Fighter
serve eternal round

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