Monday, December 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

Got to thinking about the past last night. The kind of past that means lavender tuxedos with frilly shirts, big glasses and that warm, fuzzy feeling you had as a kid that knowing people who dressed occasionally in the stufrf you remember were in charge and everything was happy and good.

Got to thinking about public images last night. The kind that you wonder about, if they're worth compromising by going against your principles to avoid taking a stand on a hot-button issue and accepting a fence-sitting, middle-of-the-road attitude and thus compromising your principles in order to remain popular. No happy and good fuzzy feeling here; just a sense of selling out to popular opinion. Not that it happened. But many might wish it were so.

Heard the first comedian making fun of Barack Obama over the weekend. He was British, one of the denizens of BBC4's "The Now Show." He enthused how "Martin Luther Messiah" was going to fulfill his first campaign promise by giving everyone in America a puppy. A good feeling and a belly laugh out of that one. And I voted for the guy.

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