Saturday, December 27, 2008

itouch Redux and Toidy Duty

Asa is technology's wont, yesterday it wouldn't work, today it does.

The itouch I mean. Last night, after three hours of frustration and searching the Internet reading of others' frustration in getting their itouches to connect to their wifi, I succeeded, but only after lowering the secuirty on my home network to the point folks in Ashton and Guam could use it. And I lost the connection on my laptop. That was a no-go. So up with the security again, fix the laptop, but, alas, no itouch.

Until this morning. On a whim, I tried to connect again with security set at high. It worked without a hitch.

Well, one hitch. The text is soooo small, I can't read much of anything on the itouch screen. And my first itouch blog post turned out to be nothing, as I had no way to type. Still learning, yes.

But on to other things: snow, for example. It snowed another six inches today, and is still, in fact, snowing. Isaac and I did a lot of shoveling today, both at our house and at the house where my niece is staying for the week. I've had to dig out the animatronic deer in the front yard, you know, the ones the teenagers like to place in comical poses. The poor things get so buried the doe looks like she's sniffing a foot deep into a drift and the buck can't make his legs move worth anything.

Must leave now. I have toilets to scrub.

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