Friday, December 26, 2008


Funny thing, progress. And technology. And progress and technology mixed together.

As I believe I've mentioned here, my in-laws got us an ipod touch (I'm not sure myself where to put the capitals anymore, so I've given up). I've spent the last few hours trying to get it connected to our wifi network. Much frustration, which has not ended yet. Through finagling with the security settings on my router, I've got the itouch connected. But now I've lost connectivity on the laptop. Which is of concern, because my first foray on the Web with the itouch leaves me thinking that the itouch is good for passive activity, but for anything that requires detailed reading or text entry, frankly, I prefer the laptop. I just can't read the text on the itouch, given that the screen is so small. And text entry? Can't call up the keyboard to save my life. I know I've got some learning to do. But right now, well, we'll see.

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