Friday, December 12, 2008

Momentous Announcement No. 1

Two momentous annoucements today. First:

Mister Fweem's Blog is officially one year old. Yes, one year ago today you began to be regaled by my boring insights, technical communicator ramblings, thoughts on Second Life, everything and anything to do with Uncharted, politics, squirrel reporting and, now, an Ernest video with an annoying watermark. Everything useless and mundane that you'd ever want to learn from me, all here in a one-stop shopping format. Hope you enjoy it, because I plan on many, many happy years to come. Unless I get hit by a meteor or something.

Personally, I like to think this video sums up the reaction of most people who visit Mr. Fweem's Blog. The crown and fanfare come when I make some grand announcement or post something I think is really nifty. Then Ernest's confused look at the end reflects that of the reader, who is wondering why they bothered to listen to my blather in the first place.

Remember, though. I do this for you.

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