Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another Recombobulation

Ah, yes, it seems some project never end.

We've been working on two rooms in the basement, primarily the study, fixing things up and generally trying to update the look of a few things, namely getting rid of the orange shag carpeting on the study floor.

But because at the same time I lamented about the small size of my computer desk, my wife and her mom went out and bought me a new, larger model, which means we've spent a good porton of today trying to figure out how to make everything fit in this room, which is not an easy task, given that we've got one wall taken up with windows, another with closets, and a third with bookshelves. After some tinkering we finally came up with a layout that, for the most part, suits us. We had to make some compromises between functionality and aesthetics, with functionality winning in some parts and aesthetics winning in others. We've basically ended up with two l-shaped work space, which, I think will work out pretty good for the both of us. I have had to make a solemn promise, however, that with greater desk space comes greater responsibility in making sure it's not a total mess. That's always the challenging part. But, as Inspector Clouseau says, I am up to se schallange.

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