Thursday, July 16, 2009

Glutton for Punishment

Because I'm a glutton for punishment, and because Blackboard scares the living hell out of me, I'd like to introduce my Blogger-based public speaking course, everydayspeech.

Bear in mind if you visit the site now, you'll be assaulted by some hard-to-read text, a few dead ends when it comes to blog add-ons, and, underneath it all, a highly amateur instructor who, before hes tarted taking an online course on building online courses from Utah State University back in June, thought pedagogy was somehow related to the teaching of feet. I don't know my cognitive scaffolding from my constructivist approach, but I'm sure going to figure it all out before I have to make everything work by August first.

So if you're keen on watching people torture themselves, keep checking in at everydayspeech over the next few weeks, just to see how things are going. Or not going. Or whatever. Witness either the triumph of a novice teacher or the naive dreams of an amateur go down in flames.

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