Sunday, July 19, 2009

Uncharted, Undaunted

Uncharted, undaunted, keeps rolling on.

I won't go into the details of what happened in bringing this update to the public. Suffice it to say that, as with many small companies like ours spread out over several time zones, the following held true:

1) Thing break.
2) When they break, it's at the worst possible time.
3) When things break at the worst possible time, communication is key.
4) Sometimes, for whatever reason, people forget to communicate.

And so on. But that's beside the point. What matters is that Oregon's Multnomah Falls is quite the place, made even better by quite the hike from the serene little spot you see here to the towering heights above the falls, when the folks below on the bridge look like ants but you're too busy insufflating the bark off of trees because you're breathing so hard after climbing that steep little 1.2-mile switchback trail to the top.

As we walked, folks kept telling us, "You're almost there. Only seven more turns." We counted turns. And turns. And turns. It reminded me of that scene in Ghostbusters where they're walking up the stairs at Dana Barrett's apartment and Venkman says to Spangler, "So, where do you think we are?" Spangler responds: "Teens." Venkman then says "OK. When we get to twenty, tell me, because I'm going to throw up."

We made it, though. And this was only one stop on our ten-day spin through Oregon. Lots more to come.

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