Friday, July 31, 2009

Campers of Doom

Truth be told, I've had worse camping spots. At Warm River, the little dumpy spot we got was sandwiched between the water pump and the parking lot. We had no grass, just a little patch of gravel a picnic bench and a fire pit.

So the spot we had today was better. Grass. A nice big willow tree. A picnic table. Rather nice. But as it was behind an automobile dealership where we were stranded with the camper because on the way to Heise the truck's brakes locked up for no good reason. We sat there -- had a picnic; used the stove in the camper to boil water for hotdogs and had some baked beans -- for two hours as they fiddled with the truck. It was nice of them to fit us in. But they couldn't find anything wrong. At all. And wanted us to spend $400 for something or other which might or might not have solved the problem they couldn't find. So we drove home and will take the truck to Iona on Monday.

I have this cloud of doom that follows me, that's what it is. We've just been cursed for camping this year. First time was at Warm River and we ran out of propane and the battery died. Second time was to Wolf Flats and we had a heck of a time finding a new battery and the canopy fell off enroute. Then today. So I think I'm done camping for the year.

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