Monday, July 6, 2009

No iPod Touch Upgrade for You

This is definitely something I'd been hoping to hear: According to the folks at PC Magazine, owners of the 2nd generation iPod Touch (like me) needn't bother upgrading to the 3.0 OS.

I admit that I'm thrilled with my iPod Touch. It's a great piece of equipment, works wonderfully as a personal digital assistant (of course, I may be jaded there; I'm using it to replace a truly ancient Palm IIIc) and, at best, mediocre as a music player. But I like the wi-fi and the unit's overall portability and performance. So I was a bit angry when I found out that the OS update, free to iPhone users, would cost iPod users $9.99; that's a bit of Apple logic I have yet to fathom.

True, I'll be missing out on the ability to cut and paste. Cutting and pasting is an absolute necessity on any platform, which is why it's mystifying that the ability wasn't included in the original OS. But, as with any shortcut, there are workarounds that I find work tolerably well, so I can't ustify the expense to update the OS. I know there are other upgrades and refinements, but until Apple comes out with one that's actually going to get me excited, I don't feel the need to shell out just because the folks at Apple tell me it's time to upgrade. Besides, they may give in to pressure and offer the subsequent OS update for free, and those who pay for 3.0 will lookk just as foolish as those six or seven idiots who bought the $999 "I Am Rich" app from the app store.

I know all of this makes me sound incredibly cheap. I yam what I yam.

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