Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ghostbusters, circa 1950

So, what if 1984's Ghostbusters had been filmed in the 1950s? Someone mashed together clips from The Absent-Minded Professor, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Ghost Breakers, and a few other classic films to imagine this little cinematic trailer gem:

It's hard to see Fred MacMurray in Harold Ramis' role, but the Flubber MacMurray has kind of that professorial seriousness about him that Ramis brings to the role of Egon Spangler. I can see him trying to figure out some kind of mathematical formula on, well, in the '50s it would have had to be a slide rule, only to have Bob Hope's Pete Venkman slap it out of his hands. And who better to play the role of Ray "Get Her" Stantz in the 1950s than Dean Martin? Well, Jerry Lewis, whom I assume the mashers of this clip bring in for the role of Lewis Tully. Oh well, They couldn't get everything right.

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