Thursday, July 30, 2009

Child in the Man

Once and a while, I like to spool this up and watch it, just fo fun. Does it mean I want to revert to my childhood? Not necessarily. Though I did watch a lot of Sesame Street -- and The Price is Right, come to think about it; I even made a replica of the "Three Strikes, You're Out, You Don't WIn A Car Game" out of cardboard -- there are aspects of childhood I would not revisit. So I can, through my rose-colored glasses, simply re-live the good memories. Like this:

Re-watching this particular clip reminds me of the days I spent home from school alone because I was sick and everyone else had stuff to do. It also makes me grateful that we don't have TV at home, because my children would be as rich with such similar TV drivel as I am.

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