Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flirtatious Monster

Leave it to five-year-old Isaac to make a flirtatious monster for school.

One of his Harvest Break projects (yes, we have Harvest Break here; nobody in the family works on a farm but evidently enough of the students in the district do that we have to take a two-week vacation in September-October) is to make a three-dimensional monster. They send him home with a little stack of construction paper and a board on which to glue the beast. It's requisite for us to find three-dimensional elements (screws, pipe cleaners, et cetera) to stick to the monster so he pops out of the drawing and incontroverts passersby with appendages, horns and feelers.

As this is Isaac's project, not mine, I'm just in the slip stream. Sometimes I'm the idea man, but most of the time I'm the man cutting parts out of the paper and finding the nuts and bolts for the project.

It's amusing to see that, subconsciously or not, Isaac has created a flirty monster. In one hand, it holds a present. In the other, a very long-stemmed flower. Underneath his Zorro hat and feather hair, he has on a goofy grin. Just like our five-year-old who likes to flirt with the ladies.

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