Friday, October 2, 2009

Honors and Benefits . . . But Am I About to Go Down the Slide?

My diploma from Utah State University arrived in the mail today, intact and unfolded, unspindled and unmutilated. So it's official. I am now a Master of Science. In English, with an emphasis on technical writing. Which doesn't mean a hill of beans in my current job but makes me feel proud that I didn't drop all that tuition money on Skee-ball.

The diploma will have a special spot on the wall above my desk, above the hat that's Dad's and beside the Beetlejuice clock.

So I am a Master of Science. Worship meeee, worship meeeeeee. Oh yeah. Humility.

Thanks to Michelle, first and foremost, for seeing me through this. She's the one who suggested I pursue a degree when I changed careers back in 2005. She put up with a lot, handled our budget so we could pay the bills and tuition, and generally encouraged me along in this 2 1/1 years.

Thanks also to my bosses, Art Flores and Danny Raschke, who supported my efforts. Thanks especially to Art for picking my resume out of the pile and thinking, "I can give this guy a chance."

Thanks also to the Department of Energy, CWI, and Nuclear Placement Services, for first burying nuclear waste in Idaho, awarding contracts to dig it up, and then hiring me as a subcontractor to help write the procedures the whole world sings.

And the best thing is it's signed by Little Orphan Annie herself. And countersigned by Pierre Andre. In ink! Honors and benefits, already at the age of 37 . . .

It feels weird, I have to say. I suddenly have a lot less to do on the bus trip home and on the weekends. Better pick up that novel writing again.

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