Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poetical Babblings

The following may appear in a future edition of the Sugar House Review, a Utah poetry magazine. Then again, they may not. A guy can dream. Now I know how Ren felt: I WROTE THAT POEM!

The Nine’s Eye

Nine is a happier number than six
smiles so sweetly
eyes wide open
Six is frowny
pouts, eyes drooping
scowly grimace
eyebrow frown
Six is a teacher
Nine is a clown

On the Inland Sea

Wind drops
not on water
on the inland sea
wind whips
pulsing, fanning
on the inland sea
Whiskers weaving
heads drooping
dripping green
on the inland sea
Wind drops
drips of green
wending waves
on the inland sea
Wind whips
the green ship
green ship plying
on the inland sea

Bag of Snakes

neighbor called snake
knobby-kneed hunters wake
leggy shorts run take
paper shopping bag
squat and scoot to follow
open bag to swallow
neighbor lady pause to bellow
snakes approach the door
swim and squirm in grass
slippy fast to pass
smiling sweetly holding mass
in her little hands

Set the Filther Free

Auntie pulled
the auntie face
when I brought the mouse
to Auntie’s place
Little beasties,
auntie chided
are at their happiest
when outsided
Yer little mouse
is filth and germs
and auntie says
your mousie yearns
set the filther free
Yuk has no place
inside my house
so take it out
yer crawly mouse
Auntie sat
in rocking chair
stroking cat
mid flying hair
I looked at cat
suppressed a squirm
for from its rear
there hung a worm

Comore Loma Patchwork

under the cauldron
over the leg-shapes
echo-flowing babble
flighty ragged rabble
stroke to seal the broken seam
slot in the rushing wind
Eyes dropping downward
down at follied leg-shapes
misty greening
Veeing on the northern beam
bleat in retreating wind

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