Monday, October 5, 2009

Snow and Mock Apple Pie

Winter officially arrived today in the form of about two inches of the slushiest, wettest snow I have seen in a long time. It slapped with force against the sides of the bus as we drove out to work today, loud enough that it kept me awake pretty much the whole time out there. After a few more snowstorms, that noise will drift into the background and I won't hear it at all, but until then I'm looking for a few white mornings, literally and figuratively. This might explain why I'm so darned cranky tonight.

Then tonight we were fooled.

Michelle made an apple pie for us to have after Family Home Evening. As we were eating, I asked her if these were apples from the back yard. She said "Sort of," which should have activated my radar a bit more than it did, but I was too busy eating the pie to notice. I did note that the apples appeared a titch greener than usual, but that fact, too, neglected to register. After we'd all eaten, she gathered us into the living room and introduced us to the concept of Mock Apple Pie, made with zucchini. zucchini, sugar and cinnamon. It tasted really, really good. Fool the eye, of course, and you fool the brain.

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