Friday, October 8, 2010

A Harmonica in Carnegie Hall

Never think that things are too simple.

Never think that the things you do aren't impressive.

Never think that the only way to do something is the only way it's ever been done. Sometimes, somewhere, someone out there figures out a way to use a traditional tool in an unconventional way and helps a lot of paradigms shift.

Or maybe just a few paradigms to shift. But just enough to see there is unexplored territory in something one thought was well-traveled.

That's what inspires me to write. Sure, there are a lot of writers out there. Sure, finding something completely original is nigh on impossible. But that doesn't mean that what I write can't be of interest, of merit, and of worth. Maybe I can approach something in an unconventional way, or take a subject or a concept and twist it just enough to make it fresh. I have my doubts I'll ever create something with the shifting ability of a harmonica in Carnegie Hall, but at least I can try.

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