Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scary Sulky Halloween

Ironically, this is how Lexie spent her Halloween, aside from the scary-sulkiness at the window thing. Yeah, she was sick. We thought she was going to have things pulled together for the evening, but she hurled just after she got her costume on this evening.

She and her mom were going to have a quiet evening at home while I took the boys to their Oma's house for a Halloween party, but when we got to the bank so I could get some cash for some post-party grocery shopping I couldn't find my wallet. I felt like a fool. I had no pockets, because I was wearing my own Halloween costume at the time -- a pink bunny suit a la Ralphie Parker. So there I was in the parking lot of the credit union, little bunny tail hanging on my butt as I bent over, looking all over in the car, on the ground, trying to find the wallet. Called Michelle. She couldn't see it at home either. Drove home. Searched the driveway and the street from our house to the post office. No luck. So Michelle bundled up the sick Lexie and drove us to Idaho Falls for the party. And she found the wallet too, wedged in an odd little pocket in the center console.

But we had fun. And we don't have to cancel any credit cards or get me a new driver's license. And we're hoping Lexie feels better in the morning.

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