Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jeremy Messersmith -- Tatooine

So,, even with v. 4 inciting the ire of Diggers everywhere, can be good for something.

I've never heard this Jeremy Messersmith sing -- so surprise; I don't get out much, and, musically, I'm pretty stuck in the 1970s. But I like his stuff. And not just because of this video:

Here's another good one, kinda filled with that gleeful angst that George Orwell warned us about:

Orwell said this of the middle class, in countering an argument that it must be the lower class that is the most miserable:

In every one of those little stucco boxes there's some poor bastard who's never free except when he's fast asleep and dreaming that he's got the boss down the bottom of a well and is bunging lumps of coal at him.

Anyway, when I heard this song, that's the quote that came to mind.

This might be the most upbeat depressing song I've ever heard.

I love his lyrics -- very tightly rhymed in a style that I've been told I do well. I should do more of it, obviously.

Messersmith is online of course, here. He's got downloadable music on a pay-what-you-want meter. I'm not sure how smart that is, but perhaps it's working for him. It would be interesting to look at the economics there. But this music is definitely worth something, if you ask me.

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