Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Blog Page! V.V.V.V. Exciting!

I take the information on the most popular posts on this blog and then put it here, with pithy and occasionally stupid reactions from myself as I re-read my own crapola.

Stats are as of Oct. 20, 10 pm.

1) Drivelalia Factosis

82 page views since July 18. By far the most popular post, by pageviews. One of my favorites as well, as comic strip artist Richard Thompson nails the affliction I have, as evidenced by my nearly 1,000 blog posts this year alone.

2) Paul Yarrow, News Raider

40 page views since July 29. I sincerely hope Mr. Yarrow, who appeared as a wandering background character in hundreds of news reports in the greater London area, is still plying his trade, taking potshots against a world of glamour for the unattractive man in all of us.

3) Walkman vs. iPod Family: Sony Holds Up Well

38 page views since July 24. ARRRRGH! I hate it when my typos stand out as clearly as they do in this post. Oh well. Ironically, I've not used my Sony for quite a while, as I'm addicted to a new iPod Touch game that I won't go into at the moment.

4)  Exploring the Creative Commons; Sgt. Rizzo, Advisi...

36 page views since July 12. A long discussion I had with myself about the creative commons, writing a novel with a collaborator found via the web, and such. Nothing has come of it.

5) Awl Ah Wahnt Is Mah Monnnaayy. . .

27 page views since July 9. Rounding up a very fecund July, a follow-up post to the post on creative commons licensing. I have made significant progress on the novel I mention in this post, finishing it with just over 80,000 words. Now I must edit, find an agent, and continue writing.

6) The Grammar Nazi is Loathe to Mention This . . . A...

27 page views since February 3. I'm happy to see the Grammar Nazi -- who has been absent from my blog as of late -- make an appearance. Apparently, lots of people out there are anxious to know the difference between loath and loathe.

7) What Else Needs A Permit in Rexburg?

26 page views since September 16. From the second-most popular month on this blog, where I wrote about needing a permit to hold a water balloon fight in town. The city has since banned such fights, while the university remains ambiguous to them -- probably because nobody's had the nerve to ask the Rexburg Taliban the question.

8) I Sell Other People's Belongings

22 page views since April 28. Commentary here on the theft of an iPhone prototype. Interesting how this has faded from the news now, given the umbrage it received in April. C'est la guerre.

9) International Read the Qur'an Day

20 page views since September 9. I'm still reading, though it's slow going.

10) Words Less Valuable Than Spreadable Cheese

18 page views since September 30. My lament on the cheapness of words. Ironic, considering how much I babble on this blog for nothing.

I still dwell mostly in zero (0) comments land, as expressed at But that's okay. I do these blogs mainly as an outlet for self-expression, not because I want to be noticed. I'm also successfully ignored on Twitter and Facebook.

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