Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wumpies or Constipation. Your Choice.

I know there's that drive to create symbols that are universally understood. But when the tire pressure monitoring system in our Honda Pilot displayed this icon yesterday, the only thing that came to my mind was:


Yes, it's juvenile and childish. Welcome to my world.

But you know, back in the day -- and I'm thinking specifically of my Dad's 1948 Ford pickup -- when your tire pressure was low you knew it either because one of the tire was pancaked on the road or starting to look as if it had love handles. Now, thanks to computer technology, our cars can tell us if one tire is underinflated by only a few psi, as was the case today.

So I put air in the tire. The warning, however, remained illuminated. I had to drive to Moody and back (Moody isn't a town, per se; it's more of a collection of houses on a street corner, so it's more of a feeling than a community) before it reset. Now here's to hoping that everything runs well in the morning.

Speaking of the morning: It's likely that I'll wake up to snow, which means, on the truck, my tires are going to have the wumpies. That's what I call it when the tires get cold and, as a consequence, have a little flat part on them where they've rested while the temperature dropped. As I drive to the bus stop tomorrow morning, I'll get the "wump wump wump" that's typical of a vehicle with the wumpies.

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