Thursday, October 14, 2010

Honors and Benefits . . .

You’re familiar, of course, with my saga of teaching and then not teaching at BYU-Idaho.

Things are looking up, however. Just yesterday I signed and sent in a contract to teach starting in January 2011 – and will teach, depending on if enough students take the class to fill in my section, wherever I may rest on the adjunct online instructor totem pole.

Even though I am not teaching at the moment, however, I am in the system. Officially. If you go to the employee directory and look up Large, Biff at, I am there in all my glory. Kinda like Newman:

And since I am in the system, officially, honors and benefits do arise . . .

Today Michelle called and said “Hey, you do get benefits from your theoretical teaching position.” Because of my “employment” status, she was able to get us two tickets for the university’s upcoming Halloween concert for $3 each, rather than $6 each. So my toil through a month and a half of training to become an online instructor has thusfar resulted in a net gain of $6. (We would have gone to the concert regardless, of course, so I’m not going to quibble over the net versus gross here.) And it looks good on the resume, though I’ve not technically added it yet, seeing as I haven’t taught any classes yet.

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