Friday, December 24, 2010

Captain Kirk

(This photo is used under the fair use doctrine.)

You know what? I miss Captain Kirk.

He didn't really think much about what he did. He ordered phasers or photon torpedoes. He kissed the alien chick.

These other star captains, however . . .

Yes, I'm watching an episode of "Next Generation." Haven't seen an episode of the show in years. And while the show is okay in its own right, the characters spend altogether too much time talking. Babble babble babble.

So I suppose, then, that I prefer the Republican brand of Star Trek, and not the namby-pamby liberal version. Frankly, I don't care that Captain Picard finds reading Dr. Crusher's thoughts through the stupid implants put into the backs of their necks by the stupid aliens who once again are humanoid except for their stupid forehead prosthesis -- I definitely want to stop the ones who want prosthetic foreheads on their heads -- a fascinating, enlightening thing to experience. Meh.

Yeah, I'm geeking out a little bit. And you know what, maybe working with a co-captain (or whatever insufferable position Riker had) with counselors is a better way to run the galaxy, but you know what, I've seen how the US Navy gets things done, and Kirk, being a member of the US Navy in space, damn well gets things done.

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