Friday, December 10, 2010

More School?

I should definitely be worried.

Just about a half hour ago, I finished reading a paper my wife is writing for one of her masters classes. She's now in her second semester in the technical writing program that I finished in 2009.

I'm worried not because she's smarter than I am -- I've always known that -- but because, in reading her paper and considering the subject (how technical writing and creative writing aren't really all that different, since technical writing like, poetry, for example, is a form that wants to use the right words, just the right amount of words, and not use words or word forms that interfere with the flow of information) I get to thinking, "You know, maybe I ought to go for that doctorate."

Right. More school. More money. More stress. Do I really want that?


But for it to happen, things have gotta change. We'd have to move to Logan, Utah, for one, since that's where I'd go for the doctorate, and they don't offer the doctorate online as they do their masters. And that would mean not simply moving there to become a grad student -- I've got a family to support; I can't do that on a grad student's salary.

But if I get the public relations job I've applied for at Utah State, maybe that'll help. Especially that'll help if I get laid off from my current job next year (about 600 of us are going to get the pink slip).

But if the stars align, I think I'm ready for more schooling.

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