Saturday, December 25, 2010

Funny Christmas Trees

This has been kind of an odd Christmas. First of all, we went swimming today. We froze to death, but we did indeed go swimming. I've been in colder pools -- and Bear Lake in September is certainly colder than where we swam today -- but this one was indeed of the goose-bump-raising variety. Liam's jaw was clacking as he was swimming but he said, "No, Dad, it's not cold at all." We lasted about 45 minutes.

Then they all came back inside to enjoy their Christmas presents. Lexie and Isaac played with their new dolls (no, it doesn't bother me that my six-year-old boy wants to play with dolls) and Liam read his new book. No surprise there.

For more photos, go here.

And I'll keep adding to that album, because, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, everyone in the family now has a camera for the taking of the pictures, if I can quote the inspiration for Jeff Albertson in that manner. I won't guarantee the quality of any of the photos or videos that will be produced and offered here in the next little while, but understand the enthusiasm is rampant in that department. At least since they're all digital, we won't be burning through roll after roll of film for their silliness.

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