Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Got one of those good news/bad news announcements from my employer today, one that’s going to shape our future for the next little while.

Nuclear Placement Services, the company I’ve worked for over the last five years, is going to shutter at the end of the month. The guy who founded it is retiring, and has decided just to close the company, rather than pass it on or sell it or whatever. That in of itself doesn’t surprise me, as it’s not the biggest company in the world. I have no complaints about working for them. They’ve treated me well.

So what does that mean for the future? Well, as of Sept. 30, NPS is shuttered. We (there are four contracted employees for CWI) have the option of either going with North Wind (the company with whom NPS has the contract) or with another similar company doing work with CWI. I’m taking the simpler North Wind route, as one of my co-workers, Bill Leach, works for North Wind and speaks highly of them. I don’t know what all has to take place to get this contract transfer done, but I’ll know more when I get the human resources contact information for North Wind and communicate with them.

Bad news, of course, as it’s never pleasant to make this kind of move, especially as quickly as this. Good news, though, because as an employee of North Wind, it appears I’ll get some health and retirement benefits. We’ll have to see what happens there, but I’m optimistic that things will go good with making the move. That is if North Wind wants me, But why wouldn’t they want me? I’m terrific. Right?

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