Sunday, September 25, 2011

A New Book to Blog About?

Wouldn't you know it - the week I find a new book to blog about is the same week we give away the computer the scanner was attached to and now I'm having trouble getting the scanner working again. Oh well. The world will have to wait a little while longer for my mediocre genius.

The blog will be blue and white, I do know that.

And the book?

This one.

I'll have to tread carefully. Or at least under the radar. For the author, Daryl Hoole, is still out there and very much active on the Internet, if this site is to be believed.

She sells the original book on her site for $7, so I'll definitely have to tread carefully. She may look matronly and nice in her photos, but given she's still charging $7 for a book published in 1969, I can't doubt she's got the drive and will and the high-powered lawyer to back up her copyright claims. And with followers like this, I might have much to fear if my mockings aren't perceived in the correct light of parody.

Fair use law in regard to parody might protect me, though. Still, I'm scared of that little lady under the curly hair.

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