Friday, January 13, 2012

‘I’m Goin’ to Boise! Where’s A Map?’

It’s almost officially official: We’re leaving Sugar City, bound for the mysterious burg of Ammon, Idaho.

To explain why: When we moved to Sugar City over ten years ago, we thought our current house was huge. Compared to the one we lived in before, it is rather big. But now with three kids rather than one, and heading into teenagerdom, we thought having a little bit more space would be nice.

We thought long and hard about adding on to our current house – but that presented some problems. First of all, the lot is narrow. Fine for adding an extra room or two, but we thought while we were adding on, we’d add a garage too. There’s no room for a garage on this lot.

So in early November, I dragged Michelle off to look at a “farmhouse,” as I called it, in the Salem area, north of Rexburg. It was spacious and cheap. That got her to thinking that maybe moving on would be a good idea.

That house sold a day or two after we looked at it. No matter. We had our house to sell. So shortly before Thanskgiving, we put it on the market. Had little interest until the week after Christmas break, when two different families came to look at it. The woman who is buying it left in tears – our agent said because the house “was so beautiful.” I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder, because we see its many, many flaws.

So we sold our house, after I spent Christmas break putting a tile floor in the kitchen.

This past week and weekend have been a flurry of house-looking. Two late nights after work, with the kids getting crankier and crankier. Then yesterday, as I was trying to work, I spent some time on the phone with the credit union and with the agent, signing papers to buy a house in Ammon, near Tiebreaker Elementary School. 540 Matchpoint drive, for those who want to drive by and throw eggs.

 540 Matchpoint Drive

It’ll be nice to be back near home again for both of us – our families, with a few exceptions, are all in the Idaho Falls area. Things are looking good for us to be moved in towards the end of February.

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