Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Permit Man . . .

So we got more bits of good news this week, vis-a-vis the sale of our house.

The appraiser, to whom we need to deliver a large fruit basket, completed an appraisal that did not mention the exterior paint at all, so we DO NOT have to paint or leave money in an escrow account for painting. That is the best news we could have gotten this week, and it came in a week and at a time when we sorely needed a bit of good news.

So I have a few minor repairs to make on the house and we're good to go, and that's a good feeling.

Even better -- the lady who is buying the house is anxious to move in and wants to move the closing date up. We may not be able to move it much, as we've got an awful lot of packing and moving to do, but we might be able to move it a few days. We took three loads of stuff down to Iona this weekend, and will have to do another busy weekend of it next weekend as well. Not really looking forward to all of that, but, alas, that is what happens when you move a household and its accumulated detritus. We are learning, however, what we can get along without. But it will be nice to see all of our stuff again.

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