Sunday, January 1, 2012

Teaching Five-Year-Olds

I started my third year in Primary today, moving down the ladder from the oldest group (10-11 years old) to one of the youngest: Five-year-olds.

My wife, and my teaching material, warned me that they have short attention spans. They were right. Right to the point that a few of these kids, bless them, didn't have enough of an attention span to finish making a drawing, let alone find the crayons they needed to do so. They're cute, they're well-behaved (well, I think they were scared of me, a feeling that I'm sure won't last) and they're pretty fun kids. But I definitely have to change my teaching approach, plan more hands-on activities -- at least two per class -- and make the lessons mini-lessons so I have enough time to get my point across but not much beyond that. They're also only emerging in literacy, so my practice of having the kids read the scriptures as part of the lesson will have go out the window.

My cheese has moved. Better be off to find it.

And, for what it's worth, here's the picture I drew during picture time. We were drawing things that make me happy. I drew a camping scene. Note it's not a getting ready for camping scene, just a camping scene. Getting ready to camp stresses me the heck out.

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