Thursday, January 19, 2012

Layoff Watch: Final Thoughts


Layoffs kind of ended oddly today.

We had a “stayers' meeting,” in which one of our higher-ups comes and chats a bit with those who kept their jobs. ‘Twas a good meeting, in which we got a little explanation on how subcontractors (like me) are ranked with the company employees, and how things work in general when someone has to be let go. All pretty straightforward stuff.

Then about a half hour after our meeting ended, one of the tech writers here, got a call from her employer saying her last day is Jan. 31.

That’s not all bad. She volunteered for it. So I suppose she got what she wanted; she and her boyfriend are headed to North Dakota to make their money in the oil fields.

That leaves two of us at RWMC. That could be both good and bad. They’re not quite certain how many writers they need here at RWMC, so we may find ourselves assigned part-time to other areas, as needed. Or let go in March or April or June. But it sounds like if we can make it through fiscal 2012, we ought to be safe for another three years. So here’s to keeping those fingers crossed.

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