Friday, January 27, 2012

A Little Stalking

Because the Internet now offers such capability, I’ve spent the last little while Internet-stalking the guy whose house we’re buying in Ammon.

We have, surprisingly, a lot in common.

We’re both corporate-world writers. He writes for a pharmaceutical company. I write for an engineering firm.

We’re both fans of board games, though his involvement in many game forums on the Internet reveals he’s more on the Brian Porter level than the Brian Davidson level.

We’ve both got kids. I think he and his wife have four, but I wasn’t paying that much attention.

He appears to be seriously active in a wide variety of social media, as am I.

We’re both 40 years old.

And soon, we’ll both have lived in Ammon, in the same house.

Hopefully, under better circumstances. There’s a divorce involved, or so I hear through the grapevine. That’s about all I know. And frankly, it’s none of my business.

But looking through the posts and photos on their family blog (to which I won’t link here; they deserve some privacy) I see they’ve had some joy in their lives. Lots of photos of the kids. The Christmas tree put in the spot in the house where I figure Michelle will put ours. They put in a garden, brought in the dirt to do it, and we’ll be there, gardening as well.

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