Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Layoff Watch: Day Two

6:44 AM. Arrive at work to see lots and lots and lots of people milling about holding little packets from Human Resources. Not good.

6:47 AM. Arrive at my desk to see no one standing around waiting for me to arrive. That is good.

7:54 AM. Distracted by work (a good thing, right?) and forgot to think about this. That is also a good thing.

7:58 AM. Phone conversation with a co-worker: “It’s good to hear your voice. That means you’re still here.”

8:23 AM. Another phone conversation: “Oh, you’re here. That’s good.” And more work coming in. That’s even better.

8:25 AM. The phone calls are starting to remind me of Owen Lift from “Throw Momma From the Train”: “Mama! You’re alive! [Aside to a policeman] Old people. You have to reassure them.”

8:56 AM. A guy we work with closely just got laid off. I didn’t see him, but a co-worker did and said he was near tears. I can understand that.

9:08 AM. Advice from a co-worker also fearing the ax: “Don’t answer the phones. And hide.” Just speaking in general terms, of course. He hadn’t had any visions concerning me or anything.

9:57 AM. “All is quiet,” said the bird. “HOLY COW! A TALKING BIRD!” thought Peter.

10:52 AM. Just got the following email from my direct supervisor at North Wind (the company that subcontracts me to CWI): “Is everything still positive for you guys. Let me know if you've heard anything new.” I guess if my supervisor hasn’t heard anything, that’s good news. Unless he’s ordinarily out of the loop. This is so depressing. . .

11:31 AM. Eating a cookie.

12:49 PM. It’s quiet. Too quiet.

1:21 PM. Ugh. I’m not sure which is worse – the patina of doom that stains this week, or the fact that the heat in this building really doesn’t kick in until about 3 PM. I’m going to have to pick the doom. Though it is a chilly doom.

1:22 PM. Inevitable, this video is.

2:04 PM. Two more days of this? It’s going to drive me crazy.

2:18 PM. Unofficial reports are that we are in the clear. That would be good. The pessimist in me says to clench my buttocks at least until the close of business.

3:07 PM. Back to posting documents, since one of the guys who got it today did that for us. Not fun for him.

UPDATE: Layoffs are essentially over, and I still have a job. Thanks to all of you who prayed for me, and to all of you who paid your taxes so I can be gainfully employed. And thanks to those in DOE who suddenly realized that we were going to have to cut our work scope way too far in order to hit the budget numbers.

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