Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Opinion Opinion

I write occasoinally on political matters here. I don't know if anyone reads it. That fact does not bother me; for I do not expect my opinions to make a difference. Or be read, for that matter.

It's not because I'm on the bottom of a stack of 110 million bloggers. It's not that I don't have prominence in any eyes outside of the three sets belonging to my children. And my wife, and the dog, and the fish, who spalsh at me when I'm getting ready for work at 4 am because they think I might feed them. It's because, taken individually, my opinions do not matter. I will go vote. It will make no difference, because I will vote for a third-party candiate and my state will deliver its electoral votes to John McCain.

Some people however, take heart in the fact that their views are shared by many. They feel that, in their commonality, they can make a difference. They forget that, without the aggregate, they're on their own. So, Matt Damon, I do not care one iota what you think of any of the political candidates running this year. Nor do I care what any other Hollywood dilletante, commentator, bloviator, ruminator, expectorator or spectator thinks.

So come on, Election! Let's get the party over with.

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