Monday, September 15, 2008

Something I've Always Wondered

When there's a bad day on Wall Street, do the Associated Press and other big-shot media companies actually go to the New York Stock Exchange to snap pictures like this, or do they just re-use old pictures, from a batch of photos they took the last time the market went south? If they're getting fresh pictures every time, do they have a code of ethics that requires them to find someone either:

1) Hand on head, as in the picture above,

2) Staring bleakly at a computer screen, or off into space, with that rugged, just got back from the GQ shoot look,

3) The token minority trader.

Do their rules also require that during a string of bad days on Wall Street that they get different people in each new photo, so that the average consumer suddenly doesn't begin a growing suspicion that the creep with the yellow name badge, crew cut and striped shirt is the cause of all the stock market's misery?


Wow! They included two of my imaginary requirements in this one. If only she were turned around, looking in the general direction of that computer, we'd have a trifecta.

NOTE: I'm not belittling the losses suffered on Wall Street today. 2:45 pm and the market is down just over 500 points. I'm losing lots of money here, folks. Amigo money. No dough, no show.

Another question: Do the traders get fewer bonuses, or have to undergo some hazing ritual back at the office if they're caught by the media in a despairing monent? Do they have some GQ-posers who take dramatic posers so as to draw attention away from the others, who may, in fact, either be readying nooses or preparing to walk straight out of the exchange and into the nearest local bar?

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