Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something Daunting

Speaking of writing, here's a chiller: We at Uncharted have decided to put out our first book, ostensibly to protect our copyright in the realm of book publishing, and partly because we think it'll be fun. The subject: Eastern Idaho, from Paul to Island Park. The principal author: Me. That makes me nervous.

It'll be one of those print-on-demand books -- we'll be using We look at it as a way to introduce what Uncharted is, and what we can do. Hopefully, it'll sell enough in this area to make it all worthwhile. (Do I count this as publishing? By the raw sense of the term, yes, simply because we're publishing. I, for one, hope to have it published under the auspices of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased Press. From a practical standpoint, no, this does not count as publishing, because we're using a vanity press.)

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