Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Have A Trifecta

From CNN this morning, before the market started to inch up:

I hope this staring bleakly into space man has invested his money in something sensible, like pumpkin futures. He looks like he's about ready to chuck himself off a bridge. Truth be told, though, he's probably staring at an overhead computer, but it still counts in the trifecta because he could also be staring at Batman, poised on the roof, ready to pop through the skylight and take on Lex Luthor or John McCain or any other supervillain who might descend upon the US economy. With his youthful ward, Barack. Still counts as a staring off into space because we can't exactly see what he's staring at. He might also be staring at Martha Stewart, who showed up at the stock exchange balcony again wearing her hot pants, in the hopes her presence could boost their spirits.

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