Friday, September 26, 2008

Ugly Tips

In the interest of getting rid of all the junk I cling to, I've been going through boxes and folders as of late, discarding stuff such as high school papers, college papers and the like. Some of it I've been preserving by scanning it into the computer. So I did with a slew of identification cards I have, beginning in high school. So today, I present an ugliness retrospective.

Starting with that all-important sophomore year in high school. I was so snazzy in that 80s layered look, I'm surprised I just didn't spontaneously combust.
The scariest thing about this ID card from junior year is that up until a few years ago, I still had that shirt.

This is more than an identification card. It's an I.D.entification card.

Then I was off to college. So young then. So baby-faced. What happened?
I got thinner, that's what. First ID card, post-mission, at good ol' Lame is Rob Ricks College.

Then I was off again to hedonistic Moscow. I'd say the studio lights were too bright, but I never have eyes in any picture taken of me. Note, however, that both U of I cards sport the nifty gear logo of the university, famed from Moscow to Pullman for its engineering school. Not the wimpy little logo they have now. I went to Moscow when the school proudly wore its engineering on its sleeve. Though I was not an engineer. I was a comm major, destined to take classes in whatever building in which room could be found, through a college housed in a little building that got demolished to make way for the new student center.

Those carefree Argonaut days. This was the last press pass I had, though I worked for just about ten years at papers outside of school.

You know what I think? Ugly! I think it's a conspiracy!

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