Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anybody Want to Buy A Van?

Remember that serpentine belt on our van? Well, it slipped off again today, this time due to a loose crankshaft. So klunk goes the van on the side of a fairly busy road in Idaho Falls. My only consolation: I was at work at the time. I only found out about it when I called home to report an errand successfully completed and ended up talking with our nine-year-old, home with the seven-year-old while Mom and the youngest were stranded. Fortunately, Michelle's family (and mine, for tnat matter) live in Idaho Falls and they were able to help. And Kevin, our mechanic at Larsen Repair in Iona, also made the half-hour trek to Michelle to see if he could fix things on the road. How many other machanics would do that, and not charge for it? I know one, and his name is Kevin.

So my Uncle Med (and Michelle's longtime backyard neighbor) came to help get the van to Iona, after the roadside repair proved futile. Then Michelle's Dad gave her a ride home.

Irony: We're trying to sell the thing. It's emblazoned with for sale signs. And while Michelle was sitting there, awaiting rescue, a local policeman pulled up behind her to see if she needed help. Her first words to him, after he studied the signs on the windows, were "I really, really need to sell this van." That gave the cop a good laugh.

So we'll get it fixed. Again. Anybody want to buy a van?


Anonymous said...

No, Honey, the seven-year-old with me. That would explain the TWO trips to a white farmhouse in the middle of nowhere during that three hour wait in a van out in the middle of the bloomin' gale-force windy nowhere . . .

Mister Fweem said...

So sorry. But she's right. It's her story, and, as she said, if I'm going to tell it, I'd better tell it right.