Friday, May 8, 2009

Uncharted on the Road

On the road for Uncharted this weekend, and feeling fine about it. In fact, it's officially been a year since Michelle and I last took a trip on our own without the kids -- for the Uncharted retreat in 2008. So maybe it's a good thing we're involved with Uncharted; it gets us out of the house.

And what a way to get out of the house. Had a ball paddling a canoe through the Cutler Marsh outside of Logan, Utah. Cannot believe how much wildlife we saw -- lots of waterfowl, obviously. We came across a family of Canada geese, including at least half a dozen goslings. Mom tried leading us a way, and we obliged, not wanting to torment her family. The goslings immediately dove under the water, but one kept surfacing nearer and nearer our canoes, so close I didn't want to paddle lest I whacked the poor little thing with an oar. So we were paddling all over the place trying to get away from the birds so as not to bother them, which we finally did.

We did get stuck on a mudbar with the dock in sight at the end of the 2-hour paddle, and for a little while there, I was certain I'd have to take off my shoes and walk us out of the muck. Bob -- big ol' butt, which I carry around with me everywhere -- is what got us stuck. After ten minutes of furious paddling and scrabbling around in the mud we did get out to the channel and to the dock, where I kissed the ground. This is a momentous occasion for me, because it's the first time in at least ten years I've gotten into a canoe, paddled and then gotten out again without falling out of the boat. See, usually I do, taking whomever is with me into the drink. I think Michelle appreciated my efforts.

Now I've got to write about this for Uncharted. Should be a lot of fun.

Then there's tomorrow. Have to give part of the keynote address, in front of a video camera. I asked Alan if I could do my portion through sock puppet theater. I'm not sure he said no.

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