Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Son, Where Are You Going?

I love to go out into Idaho's lava flows. Where else can you talk your kids into climbing things like this? I think my kids are braver than I was as a kid. They're always ready to follow Dad on some damnfool exercise out in the wilds. They love going places. I think I would have, too, if my own Dad had taken us places like this. Oh, he took us places. We spent many an hour in the old Army Surplus Warehouse, poking around the old military stuff. And we'd go on odd little excursions, Salt Lake City and the like. But rarely camping, or hiking, or something like that. We'd go to Island Park, yes, but that was to get firewood. We went as a family to Yellowstone National Park on a real sleeping in a cabin vacation once, too. And, for some odd reason I can't explain, I have memories (probably false, because no one else in the family can verify this) of sitting with Dad in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. I'm sure that one is a false memory stored in the collective unconsciousness. Or something like that.

I'm not bitter, of course. Dad just didnt' like to do the vacation thing, or the wander around the bush thing, that I do. And maybe my kids will grow out of enjoying going with me. But as long as I can convince them what we're doing is fun, I'll continue bringing them along.

This photo, by the way, was taken at Hell's Half Acre lava flow, soon to be featured on Uncharted. If only I can decode my notes.

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