Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gleeful Angst

An awful thought just struck me. As of July 31, I will be finished with classes for my masters degree. I've been taking classes for this degree for the past 2 1/2 years.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with my free time once that final class is finished.

Back to the novel, yes. Throw in a little speaking like Yoda as well, and I can probably fill a little more of that time. The novel. I've had it shelved for a while, about three months now. Going back to it, I still get the feeling that it's good. Well, acceptable. I still hvae little ideas for the storyline and characters hit me out of the blue, so that tells me through intuition that it's not crap.

Then there's the job thing. I'm thrilled to be this close to earning a masters degree. However, I don't see the degree (or the skills I've picked up along the way) doing much by way in my current job. The place where I work is fine, don't get me wrong. The writing we do, however, is stuck in a rut. In a good way. It works very well for the intended purpose, but that purpose has a pretty narrow scope. I'm working hard, of course, to make the writing I do at work be the best I can manage to produce, because I want to give my employers good value for their money. It's just a little stifling, creative-wise. So back to the novel. And that's just fine.

Another thought: Took the boys on a hike Saturday through the lava fields west of Idaho Falls. I have memories of going out to these fields to gather lava rock with Dad. People back then wanted the lava rock on their homes, so we went out to the desert to collect it. We had a ball, the boys and I. In leaping over a crack in the earth, I landed on a rather large rock in the middle of the crack. As I pushed off from it, the rock jiggled. So I stopped and stood there, jiggling this massive rock, like a loose tooth in the earth's crust. I felt pretty big.

We did just a little jaunt in the lavas. Next time, I'm taking the walk all the way out to the vent. Ten miles round trip. Won't take the boys. They're a bit young for that kind of a trip.

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